In Week #2, we got the Ravens, Redskins, Vikings and Patriots wrong. I was very close to boxing the Pats and the other games were close. I feel good about the card last week.


Mike’s Mad Cappers Starts a Blog

Okay, team, rather than send out emails every week, I’m going to update this blog for our picks, analysis and overall comments. I want to get some experience with WordPress so have opted to use it for our little group.

We are 0 for 2 but I’m getting encouraged. This year, I’ve farmed out the base picking to four team members – Roto, Ernie, Craig and Maarten. They are each picking the home games not only of two divisions, but two that are matched against each other for the season. My hope is that, as the season progresses, their knowledge of their specific teams will deepen, improving the accuracy. I am adding one or more longshot boxes to the mix as I’m far better at that than picking coin-flip football games.

Around the mid-point of the season, I may reallocate the picking. None of the pickers should feel offended – I chose them because I respect them. Some years, guys are just off. So we’ll see how things unfold. So far, it’s too early for any real comments on the picking front.